Sunday, October 14, 2012

Small Update

Tom Say: Hey All,


Thanks for hanging in there with us.  Over All things are going well. It's been a busy summer and going to be a busier fall.  Ethan is back in football, Phoebe joined the cheerleading squad and is cheering him on, Leanore has been a darling about helping with the littles, Sophie and Holly have decided to give their hearts to the Lord and are now taking communion with us (we'll get to baptism shortly), and Trudy is the queen of the castle.

Trudy Wrote this...;')



Alina was scoped the other day and Drs say that there doesn't appear to be anything physically wrong that would prevent her from eating, however, they did say she has a bacteria in her gut typical of Russian children that might be fooling her into thinking she's full when she's not.  She also saw a dentist that concentrates on special needs children, he thinks that he can fix part of her problem by pulling some teeth and fixing some cavities.  So that'll be in a month or so. 



Little Girl has gained over 12lbs


After some serious soul searching, Vitally was mainstreamed in the local school, he has a part time helper that keeps him focused, and he's loving it, as well as he's soaking things up like a sponge.  He knows his complete ABC's, can count to around 30, and his behaviour, language and interactive skills are growing better all the time.  Some people think because we homeschool that we're anti-school, not so, and this just goes to show that every situation is different and we try to do the right thing for each child.



Mom and baby Libby are doing well also, the littlest one is growing like a rag weed and seems to get bigger every time I skype with them, ah skype, thank goodness for technology.   everybody seems to be going through small sicknesses right now, not sure if it's the flu or some other bug, but we're coping and it'll be alright.  (If we haven't said it a million times yet, Thank You Lord, for Family and Friends.)



The new job is going well and the relationships and business skills I'm learning here in Central Asia should prove very valuable when we decide to come back.  But I'm definitely looking forward to coming home next spring. 

That's all til next time...