Thursday, June 20, 2013


Here it is, short and sweet:

Dad's back from his long term away job, YAY!!! We missed him sooo much.

we moved the family to AL,

Baby Liberty is now 1 year old, and has started walking..

Vitaly did great in school....all of the staff was sad to see him go. Apparently he was the equivelant to a rock star at his school, everyone knew him and liked him.

We survived and thrived with another year of homeschooling, grades for this year are as follows..12th, 10th, 6th, 3rd, 2nd (2), 1st, K and toddler. :)

Everyone is adjusting well to our new home. Surprisingly well. Thank God. Although Vitaly is getting restless, he misses the structure of school. :)

Biggest news::: Alina is now eating food!! She went to a feeding clinic for 5 weeks right before we moved and there, thru God's grace, she began to eat. She now eats most of what we put in front of her (pureed or soft foods, working on chewing next) and has started drinking juice and milk.

We now have a four legged member of the family, Cocoa "Van Doom". She is super sweet, just what we need.

We are on the road to adoption once more, working to bring home the young man that spent last summer with us. We can't wait to make him our son. Prayers would be appreciated.

Now, onto pictures.....okay, later. I have to figure out AGAIN how to post them. Ugh! Technology, I love you. :) Really. Maybe. I barely know how to turn my phone on. If it is so smart, why can't it do what I want it to do before I try? Hmmm.

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