Friday, May 27, 2016

Goerling Family 2016 (minus Ethan who lives in another state)

Hi Everyone. It always seems like we are doing update posts. So, this one is not going to be called an update post. No, that one is put to bed. This is a brief, yes a brief. Not like underwear, but like an informal catch up on information. Totally not associated with that other word. So, without further ado, the new Goerling brief:

We have been in our current home for three years and are very much liking this part of the country. We still love our church and have made many homeschool friends through an American Heritage Girl troop that we have been a part of AND a new co op that we joined last year.

Our family has grown in size again, we are up to 15 people with a new addition due in October. We DID bring home a daughter and two sons from that other beautiful country almost two years ago. They are adjusting well now and our family is better for having them. They were all teenagers when they came home so it has been quite different compared to bringing Alina and Vitaly home.

Jessica (new daughter) and Phoebe graduated from high school this past weekend. We are so happy for them, they both worked hard and are glad to be done. Jessica has decided to go to the local community college to study cosmetology. Phoebe is taking a year off to decide what she wants to persue (or to decide which country she wants to take over because we are sure she will rule a small country someday). They are both beautiful young women (no, we are not biased, they REALLY are BEAUTIFUL) who know the Lord.

Everyone else is doing well. What can I say, I am trying to keep this brief, er ....I mean short.

There is always a flurry of activity or something going on. Our family is big and we love it. There are times when we question our sanity or what God was thinking. But mostly we LOVE where we are. So, that said....I hope to write more soon. To share some of that insanity, um..I mean LOVE.