Saturday, July 9, 2011

Working on the Plan to get Home

Tom Says: So, We are working a plan to be stateside NLT than the 24th of July and home within the week after that.  If it works we'll be home in time for Ethan to start practice with the football team and I won't get in trouble at work.  Along those lines; ask yourself what do these photos have in common and what's missing...

What're You looking at?

I'm not smiling and you can't make me!

I'm not gonna smile cause this dude might drop me!

I'll smile for a cookie, but you'll see the crumbs...

You said SMILE!

Enough with the pictures already Mom...

Wait a Sec, if I smile I get to go home?

Well, Try this one on for size...
Mama, I can't smile if you're tickling me...

Practicing for the Plane...

Mom, will this one do?

If I have to take one more photo...

We've been trying to get a Passport photo from the kids, background doesn't matter, they can edit it out, but it's got to be a shoulders and head, looking straight ahead, oh well, we've got a week to get it done.

Oh and what does this one remind you of?
Storm Trooper Transporter...

More later.


  1. what can I do to help?? Praying for your homecoming and NO trouble at work!!

  2. Praying it all comes together!! if there is anything I can do let me know!!
    love the pictures!!

  3. BTW....What is missing?? I didnt just "recognize" it? ~ Trina