Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Three months home...(4 months now, this was written a few weeks ago, but not posted til now)

Here is our first family photo....
Aren't we cute?! Okay, I should have done something to my hair, but look past that please.

It is hard to believe that it has been three months now since we brought Alina and Vitaly home. Some days it feels as if they've always been here. Then there are other days......

I had a few rough days last week, the kind where you just break down and wonder what God was thinking when He picked you for this ____________? Then after my sobbing and pity partying was done, the Holy Spirit had me look at things from a different perspective again. Look at all that you're family has been through in the last three months and tell me things aren't better.
For instance:
Vitaly - His vocabulary is increasing all the time. He can say about a dozen English words (including the names of all of his siblings). And he knows/uses about 10 signs. He is a smart little boy! He is also learning to count and can sing along with the ABC song. (Thanks to Ethan!) He is not as hyper as when we brought him home (most days) and is doing a better job at toilet training. You may remember that when we first came home, he was pooping about three to four times a day. And didn't care to use the toilet for it, let me tell you. Now he's down to once, maybe twice a day and will hold it until we take him to the bathroom. He still doesn't tell us when he has to go, but we've come to know the signs and he doesn't fight us. much.
He is learning a song to sing at our co op presentation night. He repeats many of the words and follows along with the hand motions. So much in just a short amount of time. He is remarkable!

Alina - She has gained three pounds since coming home! And she has started putting cookies back into her mouth, just gnawing on them for now, but that shows that she is moving in a good direction.  She used to have a fit when I would lay her down to change her diaper (the nannies didn't lay them down for this, it was done standing up), but now has no problem even on a diaper changing thingy in bathrooms. She used to really feel unsure on those things. That is a BIG deal! She is not just sitting anymore, she is exploring, getting into things, and filling the house with a unique laugh when she gets tossed around. The girl loves to be in motion. Big brother loves to fill this position and hear her beautiful laugh and see that smiling face.
Ethan just swung her up from an upside down flip. :)
Trudy - Has gone from being the baby of the family to almost having a twin. Alina (5 yrs old) is the same size as 2 yr old Trudy. Her feelings of competing with the NA's are almost gone. She is getting so big and so smart. She is excited to help Alina with pouring her drink or getting her a toy. And she congratulates Vitaly when he goes to the bathroom (in the bathroom :).

All the kids - have adjusted so well to having two new ones. They continue to amaze me and make me thankful. Sure, having two new ones added to their responsibilities too, but most of the time they don't seem to mind. Hey, they're not perfect. :) I love them all to pieces!
Holly helping Alina pick berries and put them in her cup.
Something else that helps to keeps things in perspective: thinking about where they would be if we didn't get to them. They both would have been transferred to an adult mental institution. We've seen a female one, I'm glad Alina will never step foot in one to stay. And Vitaly, we know where he would have gone. A remote mental institution for boys from 5 yrs old - adult. The lady who advocated for him to raise his grant fund adopted her son from that very institution just last year. Her and her husband were there. They know exactly what it was like. Our son would not have survived there. If you'd like to read about that place, go here http://covenantbuilders.blogspot.com/2011/10/on-rainy-days-they-stayed-inside.html
Rough days here are better than any day there. Lord, help me to keep this perspective.
That website also has another post about helping out a ministry that is now allowed to go to that institution to visit the boys and bring needed items. Please read about it and consider donating http://covenantbuilders.blogspot.com/2011/11/meet-lost-boys.html
We know the couple that leads that ministry. She was our translator in Ukraine and the couple that allowed us to go to the womens institution to help them. They are wonderful people.

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  1. I hope all is well with your beautiful family. I pray for you every day. -Heather