Monday, July 23, 2012

I need my coffee........ok, got it. Now, to get on with the updates.  Baby Liberty (or Libby) is going great! She is one month old now and totally spoiled, but that's a good thing. :) Eventhough she's only been "out" a short time, I can't imagine our family without her. She's quite a blessing. She is holding her head up and looking around and loves to be in the middle of everything. The other day she was crying (which doesn't last too long because someone will pick her up) and prompty stopped and fell asleep when I started vaccuming. I know what you're thinking, that's a good baby. :) She also misses her Daddy, but we're Skyping with him so she gets to see him on the computer. Not to mention ALL of the pictures of him around and the fact that we talk about Daddy ALL the time.

Liberty Belle, 1  month

Leanore made this comment the other day: "No fair, you hog all the cute ones." to Phoebe in regards to their younger siblings.  So as you can see, that statement is not entirely true. Everyone is getting to love on Libby Belle.

Leanore w/Libby
Daddy smooching Libby
Holly and Libby

Big sister Trudy w/Libby

Big brother Vitaly w/Libby

The only one not pictured with Libby is Alina. That's because she didn't want anything to do with her for the first few weeks, so we didn't push it. Now she can sit next to her (as long as Libby's not crying) and be ok. We know she loves Libby, she just might not know it yet. :)

We miss you and love you Daddy!

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