Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy New Year

Tom Says:


Hey everybody!  Once again, sorry for the long delay in updating ya'll.  So, things are going well, my year away from the family is almost over and when I get home, we're moving to Alabama.  Enough about me, here are some pictures of the kids;


Despite the liquid diet, Alina keeps growing, and she's doing very well in school


Big Brother and baby Libby (he'll make such a good daddy some day)


We received an Ipad for Alina's schoolwork, you can see the other girls helping her...


Big Brother Babysitting, nuff said


Who Me? I didn't eat no cookies...



Speaking of which, Mary took Tolly to the Neurologist and he's very pleased with how the surgery turned out.  Tolly exceeded his IEP for the whole year before Christmas, so they had to do a new one with more challenges.  He's like a shamwow, just soaking it up.


Gotta go, have to prepare for a meeting with the ministry of economics tomorrow.


Thanks again for all the Love and Prayers!

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