Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hi Everyone!

We have been in AL for almost a year now. We have wonderful neighbors, a great church family, and fun new homeschool friends. Not to mention an adoption support group!

Ethan is getting ready to graduate from HS at the end of May. Some days I find it hard to believe that is has been so long, other days I'm ready to move on. :) I know that he is ready to move on to. He is excited about starting the next chapter in his life.

Phoebe will be a junior in the fall. She has found a college down here that she really likes, so I think we'll have to go and visit it. Phoebe is also enjoying writing right now and has collaborated with Lee.

Leanore has been busy writing. She has several short stories and a novel in the works. Phoebe and Lee also perform in our church's 4D drama group where they perform drama's set to a song.

Sophie, Holly, Trudy and Liberty enjoy the co op that we go to once a week, Wednesday night church, and playing outside. Sophie likes reading to the other kids.

Trudy and Vitaly have recently taken the training wheels off of their bikes and are now accomplished two wheel bike riders.

Vitaly is now homeschooled, we took him out right after the Christmas break. He is doing really well and enjoys being schooled at home. He is learning to read and doing very well in math.

Alina still goes to school and is doing well there. She has a lovely teacher and aides. She continues to do well with eating and pretty much has a set meal plan with variations for dinner. She is doing really well with toilet training lately, I think she has just hit a spot in the road where she wants to go. Determining when she needs to go can be tricky, but we're working on it.

Libby is almost two and funny as can be. Her favorite song seems to be "What does the Fox say". To watch the video she will say, "Fox say?" She still is not left alone too long, someone is always trying to play with her, sweep her up and love on her or chase her around.

Tom and I are doing well. Tom is set to retire in January and is looking forward to it. Now we are just waiting to see where God will direct him next. I was able to go to a Homeschool conference in Nashville last weekend and feel energized about another school year.

Family pic as of fall 2013...there is an empty spot  or two. :)
We are heading back to Alina and Vitaly's home country to adopt again. It has been almost three years since they came home. Prayers would be appreciated as that country is in turmoil right now. We have come to love that country and it's people and pray good things for them. Our paperwork is there, we are just waiting on a date to go. Everyone is excited :)
Sophie's 10th birthday, we went to a Stepen Curtis Chapman concert.

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