Thursday, August 11, 2011

We're still here...

Unfortunately, here is the hospital.  Mary was admitted Monday evening and won't be coming home for a few days yet.  While technically they're treating her for pneumonia, they are concerned that it might be TB so they are running more tests.

Here are a couple of the promised photos:
Alina last weekend.

Cool Dude on his way to get big brother from football practice.
We serve a Mighty God.  While I'm tired, we've got lot's of help from family, friends, and church (which technically counts as both family and friends,)  They've helped to clean the basement and house, brought us dinner every night this week, and are visiting and helping with the kids. Special thanks to Nana Judith and Pappa Ross, they are all the way out from Michigan to see their adopted (all 8) grandchildren.

We've also had the first of many trips to doctors in order to get the kids evaluated.  They say that John's Hopkins is one of the best, I hope they prove it. Work is most cooperative with my taking the kids to their appointments while Mary's recuperating.

Thanks so very much to everyone.  Please keep praying for Mary.


  1. Love you all. Praying for you and trusting God for a quick healing for my precious friend and many extra hands to help you in her absence.

  2. Praying for Mary to recuperate quickly!!

  3. Oh, my goodness. I'm so sorry. Thanks for the update.

  4. I couldn't believe you getting sick upon your arrival home. Take the rest and help while you can and know that we're praying for your quick recovery! Oh, and for strength for Tom and all your helpers. I can't wait to hear your results! Sending hugs your way...
    Love you all.