Monday, August 15, 2011


Mama is home, the last TB test came back negative and they released her a day earlier than we thought they would.  Along those lines, everybody needs to encourage her to stay off her feet and rest as she still has pneumonia.  The adage (true though it may be) that a "Mother's work is never done" doesn't cut it.  If she's to get better she needs to let me, the older kids, and our friends help more while her body heals itself.

Alina is now drinking 3-4 pediasures a day in addition to juice and other drinks; while she's not gaining weight, she's no longer losing weight like she was.  We've got a slew of Drs appts for her (and Tolly) over the next couple of months.

We finally had to tell Tolly no, the boy was eating himself sick, literally, he was putting it in faster than his body could process it, and it was starting to come back out in not so nice ways (this was about the time I told Mary she had to get better because I couldn't handle the poopy diapers).  Although last night he actually pushed his dinner plate away with some food still on it.  I hope he's learning that we will not let him go hungry...

Enough of that, Ethan's football is going well, he's off to BSA summer camp this week and we were able to make arrangements that he can still go to football practice for the week.

Phoebe and Lee both got to go to B-day parties this last week and had a great time; I just need to get the other girls out sometime and let them know how much I love them all.

Let me end with a question for the guys.  Men, are we too hard on our sons?  Is it because the mindset for boys and girls is different?  Are we trying to toughen them up unnecesarily?  Let me know what you think.

Thanks again for all the Love and Prayers!


  1. clarify what you mean by toughening them you mean in dealing with working to excellence or dealing with the hardships of life? ~Jay

  2. My name is Natalie Colyer. I donated a puzzle for a puzzle fundraiser for Tolly. I am so, so thankful to see him in your loving family instead of in an institution. I still have that puzzle, and am willing to send it to you now, or if you are able to get me a list of names of people who donated I can certainly add names to the puzzle as well! My email address is Thank you sooo much for bringing these two sweet angels HOME!!