Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dr appts, dentist appts, co op days, football, normal?

Mary says,

It has been SO busy around this house that I don't even know where to start. Okay, how about with the 30 million doctor appts we've had. Alright, you got me, that's an exaggeration. It's closer to like 28 million. Anyway, things are looking good. The last one was with a hand specialist, he will be doing the last surgery on Vitaly's hand in December. He has done many surgeries on people who have Aperts and we're confident that he will do a great job. We were also pleased to find out that the scars on Vitaly's pelvic area are not from abdominal surgery. Apparently the dr's in Ukraine used skin from that area for the surgeries on freeing his fingers. That was good news!!

Next for Alina is hearing testing and seeing a speech therapist to help with her chewing issue. She also has to get a test for her GI doctor to rule out any physical reason that she doesn't chew or swallow. Some really good news on her, she put a cookie to her mouth for two days this week. And she's letting us feed her a little (before spitting it back out) It's not that my cooking is that bad, really.
This is BIG news as she hasn't put any food in her mouth since shortly after we got home at the end of July. She has been drinking nutritional drinks (Pediasure, Boost) only since then. She also will grab a utensil that is on the table and a plate and make the motions to feed herself. We are sure that these are signs that she will eat again soon. And, she has gained three pounds since coming home! Praise God.

Let me see, what else was there......Oh yes, I finally called around a secured us a new dentist. Everyone has appts this month. Our last dentist saw us all on the same day, this office only wants two at a time. They want to spread the awesomeness out. JK  Trudy did a great job. She was so quiet until the tech was done that she made them believe she was shy. HA! Next up was Phoebe and Trudy talked the ENTIRE time. Then they praised Phoebe for her incredibly straight teeth (genetically handed down from dad but I gave her the good hair). The dentist actually said that Phoebe's mouth looked like the after shot from an orthodontist. :)
Next was Ethan and Vitaly's turn. Not to be outdone by his sister, Vitaly did a great job too. They let him sit on my lap and did the whole cleaning. The dentist said his mouth looks good, but he does have some kind of opening in the back of his mouth and his tonsils are as big as walnuts. She said that it's amazing that he talks as much as he does, because he has to do an extra step with his tongue to close that whole. So we got a referral for an ENT. Another dr appt. Oh well, soon they will be over. Maybe. Hopefully. For a little while. Ethan did good too. He's a good big brother. He made Tolly comfortable and encouraged him. Adventures in dentistry continue this week with two more luck winners headed for their visit.
Tom and I have had to do a lot of tag teaming lately. I'll start out somewhere and he will come and meet me so that I can get to the next thing or come and pick Ethan up for football practice. Speaking of football, The Saints are awesome. The last game was a varsity game against a public school in another state. The other team won by ONE point in OVERTIME. Ethan got to play several times eventhough he is on the JV team. He really loves playing and enjoys camaraderie of the team and coaches too.

We've been going to our co op once a week for about six weeks now. It's hard to believe that it has been that long. Vitaly and Alina are in the 3's class with me all three hours. They are doing well. Tolly likes to be around the other kids and really enjoys the art time. Alina likes music and dancing best I think. She seems like she wants to be involved more and we try, but to be honest, I'm still learning how to help her do things. It's hard to verbalize. The two lead teachers go to our church and are VERY kind to Alina and Vitaly. It warms this mom's heart to see someone else embrace their children. Thanks ladies!

Phoebe and Lee are gearing up for the musical drama that they will be in for co op in Dec. We are all excited to see it. Sophie and Holly love their classes and are happy to know when "co op day is tomorrow". Ethan enjoys spending time with his friends. Mom is exhausted when the morning is done. In a good way. :) Trudy happily goes to her class and can even pass me in the hall with a smile on her face and a waving hand for Vitaly and Alina.

Okay, I think that takes up the whole title. I know that if I did these more often I wouldn't have to write so much. But I don't, so I do.

Handsome guys!
Little one who shall remain nameless. (Nail Polish)
Notice the same little girl as above, only with long sleeves. :)
There are the gifted straight teeth mentioned earlier.
Sophie always has a BIG smile for everyone.


  1. So why didn't Tom give ALL his children the straight teeth? Is he playing favorites???

  2. Wow that is a lot of Dr. appointments! I'm so glad the kids did great.
    I hope the pink wasn't permenant marker. :) And I love when you get on here and fill us in on all those other things going on over there. It is sharing that precious family with us and all the fun that goes with them!