Thursday, October 27, 2011

You are at the right place....

Mary says...

I'm just trying out a new look for the blog. The winter and barren tree scene was making me kinda sad. And since we are moving into a new season in our family, I decided to have the family blog reflect that. This one is a bit peppier and shows a lot of books. Which I don't get to read right now, but am making my kids read our kids are loving to read. (Look Amy D., I did it, I changed it on my own! I'll let the kids do the next one.)

Actually we have some avid readers in the house. Even the non-readers love to pick up and peruse books. And of course they love being read to. I don't do it as often as I used to or as often as I should. But I'm working on it.

All of the kids have been to the dentist, only one itty bitty cavity between them. BOOYAH! The dentist even got to look at Alina today. Alina in NO WAY let the hygenist touch her mouth, but we insisted that the dr be allowed to look in there. She was very quick and saw a good deal of plaque build up on her gums. By the end of the visit, Alina was smiling at the dentist and holding her new toothbrush. I love this new dentist, she sat next to me (I was holding Alina in the chair) and talked calmly and would occasionaly rub Alina's leg to get Alina familiar with her. You know you have found a good dentist when your kids actually ASK to go back. No kidding, they did. And her and her husband starting homeschooling their son this year. Oh yes, we'll stay. :)
It has been a rough couple days around here. I believe that I have discovered why (mostly). There has been a lot of out of the house activity, sometimes just me on errands, and sometimes with some or all of the kids. Our family is used to being on the go, but it really throws off the new additions. Which in turn throws me off, and if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. So, I'm not sure how to address this issue right now, but it does need to be done.  We didn't really understand how much routine would mean to the new ones. We (insert I because my husband knew this all along) thought that we'd be able to just add them right into our routine (or lack of it) and keep going. Finding that to not be the case. Imagine that.

Every day is a learning opportunity to see what our new children can keep up with and when they need things slowed down. What they can handle and what is too much stimulation, break in routine, absence, etc. Tomorrow will be another test. We have a birthday party in the afternoon, then we split and some go home while others go to a corn maze. Then Saturday is Upwards basketball/cheerleading sign up and a football game. Slowing down will come sometime. Or we'll have to artificially make it come. Christmas. That will be a lovely time. :)

Another reason for rough waters lately is our lovely 2 yr old. The girl with the pink arms in the former post. That's nail polish by the way. She didn't like it when it came time to take it off. Lesson learned I think.
She's been getting into everything and being very clingy. We suspect that she's wanting to make sure that she's not forgotten about or replaced. We shower her with love everyday, and she continues to get into stuff. Not sure what else to do but pray and love on her. She adores her new siblings and is sweet and loving toward them. Thank God for that.

The biggest reason of all, I haven't been reading my Bible as much as I should. I know that I am in a "busy season" right now with many little ones, but what I need to refresh is in that Book and I should go there.
Note to self: Read Bible daily. Don't put it off. God loves you and wants to refresh you with His Word. Do it!


  1. You did it! Now see if you can do the individual pics on the side!!

  2. Maybe next year. One new thing to learn at a time already! :)

  3. Still praying...wishing I could do something to help.