Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2: Road Trip Over

Tom Says:

The nice thing about time zone changes is that sometimes they work in your favor.  I got up at 5am today, and my body thought it was 6, which is about the time I usually get up.  I had a quick shower and a leisurely breakfast (waffle) and then got Mary up and started on the kids.  They ate breakfast while I repacked the stuff we'd pulled out.  Because we did so well yesterday, we got on the road a little after 7 and still managed to make it to my sister's by 4pm.

We have the most wonderful friends and I was remiss in not mentioning them yesterday.  The usual game the kids play is called: "are we there yet," however, our friends gave us a bunch of wrapped gifts that had directions on them (something sweet, something salty, open when leaving the state, open on day 2, open on arrival), so we wound up playing the: "can we open a package yet" game for most of the trip.  The kids were actually very good about this and the presents were all well thought out and most delightful, helping to pass the time and distract the kids from the ride.

After seeing the scenery the kids have decided that they want us to buy a farm, with a castle on it, and horses, lots of horses...and dogs.  Trudy loves the dogs, only she's scared of them at the same time, which is cute, because they're toy poodles, she's bigger than them, she'll crouch down and call to them, and when they come running to her, she'll shriek and run away, only to start the whole thing over again.

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