Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 3: Jump right in…

Tom Says:

Nope, this is not a post about swimming, though it’s hot enough here that we could have.  The bad thing about time zone changes is that sometimes they work against you as well, after staying up too late last night it was really hard getting up early today.  The kids are having a good time hanging with the dogs, did I mention that my sister has 6 of them, while Trudy still wants to be held while near them, she is now willing to pet them.  The other kids hung out, watched a couple of movies and lounged for awhile before Mary took them to the store to do some last minute shopping before we leave.

My sister started a dog grooming business and is building her own shop in back of the house, (they’ve got a double lot with streets on both sides of the house, so there’s easy access for the customers out there,) I spent the day helping to level the floor in the bathroom and putting up paneling on the walls it was great fun and the least I can do to help a wonderful sister who’s there for us.  Ethan and his cousin did a great job helping us with the construction.   We’re going to my nephew’s graduation tomorrow, and then a little more work on the shop.  

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