Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Day in Photos

Today is going to be mainly pictures. So without further ado, Alina....

The stairs that we come down from her group area to go outside.

"I like having a Papa."
Alina likes to swing way up high just like here sisters.

She liked seeing the hoola hoop spin on the floor, then jumped right up to try it herself.

"Look Ma, I roped me a Daddy!"

Mama and me jamming to praise music. No, Ethan, we skipped Skillet. :) Plenty of time to introduce her to them.

Mama found a ticklish spot. We love her laugh!

Trudy, Alina loves to empty buckets too. You two will have lots of fun together.

Found another ticklish spot. ;)

More pictures? Yes baby girl. Here Tom is putting on Alina's outside sandals. She has inside sandals too, we think it's to keep her ankles from turning in. Not sure though as the nannies don't speak English.

"Okay, let me get this right. I have how many sisters and brothers?"

The cat is eating something, but look at the size of that bird! This was taken on the orphanage grounds.
The trusty guard dog.

Dad teaching Alina something that will have to be untaught later. :)

Or maybe not.

Dad had just spun Alina around. She likes that, just look at that smile.

It's nice to have a Dad to hold you.

Time for Alina to go back to her group. Soon she'll be coming down those steps for the last time.

 Ethan, Phoebe, Lee, Sophie, Holly and Trudy - Alina is hearing all about you guys. We can't wait for you all to meet her. Thanks for everything kids! Dad, Mom and Alina love and miss you all.