Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oohhh the excitement!!! (Mary's title, Tom's post)

Tom says:

Our appointment with the government agency went very well. We talked through the interpreter for a few minutes, told them about our family and how we are preparing to care for her, showed them pictures of the rest of the family (they were impressed and thought the kids look great.)  They mentioned that her record indicates that she's picky, which is great, she'll fit right in.  We got to see two pictures of her, one as a baby and one from only a year ago, she's a cutie pie.  We go back for some additional paperwork tomorrow and then on the train to our next destination, the city by the sea. 

After the meeting our interpreter told us we're free for the day, shoo, so we did a little sightseeing (and walked and walked and walked) we also saw three different cathedrals, our interpeter mentioned that the oldest of which was 1,000 years old, the "baby" young one is only 300 years old.

I forget which one this is, we'll let you know later on.  The rain cut short our adventure so we went back to the apt and I cooked spaghetti, with some locally made breaded chicken balls (kind of like chicken cordon bleau, only no ham, just cheese in the middle) very tasty.

And we also want to say what a great thing skype is...

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