Monday, May 9, 2011

I have no idea how to use this......

Unfortunately I say that all too often. Hi, I'm Mary, the mom of this adorable family. (I'm also very humble)

So, I thought I'd come on here and add some things and make it all pretty like other blogs that I've seen, then I found myself sitting here staring at a screen and having no idea how to make anything work. I have been reassured by my dear friend that I will learn things, eventually. Over time. I'm not an over time kinda gal. That's why I like that fast food place (sidenote: it should be named McMary's for as much as I support the franchise) and get upset if my fast food isn't fast enough. I have to say that this adoption has made me sit back and wait. over. time. We have not been able to speed things up, we have had to wait on other people to do their things to get our paperwork done. We have to wait and trust that people whom we have never met are doing what they are supposed to be doing.
It really boils down to me having to trust God. Do I trust Him and where He has directed our lives? Do I trust that He'll do what He says He'll do? Yep. I do. I have to. If I put my trust anywhere else, it will fail. The truth is that Jesus died in my place so that I may have my sins forgiven and be right with God. Therefore I owe Him no less than my life. Before I was happy to admit that Jesus was my co-pilot, now I'm ready to completely give the wheel over to Him.  So our wait is almost over. We will be going to get Alina soon. We've almost made it. We're coming Sweetheart! Soon we'll be hugging and kissing that beautiful little girl that has grown in all of our hearts. Okay, maybe it's good to wait sometimes.
So, I'll wait some more and try to work at this blog thing a little at a time. I wonder if there is an "Under Construction" banner that I can put across the screen. I'll have to ask my dear friend. Can I do that? And if so, will you walk me through it?

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  1. I don't know of a banner like that! But I'll look!