Tuesday, June 21, 2011


First, We had our meeting with the orphanage director today, she informed us that Vitaly is doing well and does not need anything. He will be back at the orphanage on Thursday or Friday latest, at which time we may start visiting him. So, two more days.

We don't like not being able to see him but are reassured because we know it will be soon.  God is watching over him and that's what counts.

Second, there's a saying about the Lord watching over fools and innocents, since we're not innocent, then we must be...very happy.  Today when we went into the orphanage office and were waiting for our visit with the director our translator approached us and said "the strangest thing just happened."  Apparently the wife of the cab driver called the orphanage looking for the American couple who'd "lost their camera."  One of the photos we'd taken was of the sign out front that tells the name and address of the orphanage.  She was most apologetic for looking at our photos, but was very happy to be able to return the camera to us.  Our translator kept saying, I can't believe it, but I can believe it, I can't believe it, but I can..., cause when God wants something to happen it happens."  So we're very happy that we can continue to show everybody the wonderful way God works and moves around us.  

Here's a quick couple of photos, give us a day or two and we'll post some from the trip to the Capital.

Referral #2 - BooYaah!!!

Notice the Date of this Photo - Yay, Happy Mama can share more photos now!

One last thought: It's difficult, but we've given over a lot of control to people that we barely know.  They say go here and we go, they say take a train and we take the train, they say meet us here or there and we meet them, all this to love and save a couple of little human beings; how much better the world would be if everybody gave control of themselves over to our heavenly Father who knows best, when, where, and how we should be.


  1. YAY! I can not BELIEVE you got the camera back! That is AWESOME!!!!

  2. I am so glad you got your camera back! What a wonderful way for God to show you He is with you! It also shows there is still kindness in the world! Have fun taking pictures!

  3. AHH! a miracle! praise the Lord :-)

  4. I love the last thing you said. You are are so right. May God bless you while you practice surrendering your decisions. :) (found you through Wrong In All the Right Ways blog.)