Monday, June 27, 2011

Picture Day

Today was a long day so it'll be mostly pictures:

Visiting on a dreary wet day

Our friends Max & Lena
Ray teaching Alina to Bongo

Tickle Dad Strikes
Noone's safe, run or giggle....

Taking the Trolley Tram to Vitaly
And this is the magic door

Starting the day with a little homeschooling

Showing Tolly the rest of the family
Shortbread cookies; best with numbers & colors

I am Tolly hear me roar, or giggle, or whatever...
Practicing for the Airport...


  1. What a cutie pie! We have been praying for "Jonah" since his picture was first put up on RR.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! What a blessing you are to him!!

    In Him,
    The Ristow6

  2. Oh, I love him. Do Alina and Jonah understand they are both coming home? I know that will be so comforting to both of them. I'm sure Jonah will be helpful with her. I'm so excited to see more photos of them both!

  3. I love your two "new" kids! I have met both of them and fell in love with them a year ago. I met "Jonah" before he was even on RR. Thank you for giving them the gift of a family!

  4. I don't think either of them "get it", that they both will be coming home with us! They will soon. :) He is more of a blessing to us! He snuggled with me today. It was soooo nice. Can't wait to get him out of that hospital and playing with Alina. And then get them home with their new siblings!

  5. You are super blessed Mary!!! I too believe that they will bless you way more than you could bless them. The hugs, laughter and love from children are amazing....even if it comes slowly and softly. I do pray for an easy transition so that you can have all those lovely things and not so much of the "making the choice" moments. At any rate, I think your family is a perfect fit for these precious treasures. ~ Trina