Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update on Vitaly....

Here's the latest...

We found out this evening that Vitaly is going to be in the hospital for 10 more days. So, tomorrow the orphanage director is going to write us a pass to go and visit him at the hospital. Please join us in praying that she does that since she didn't want us to visit him before.

We were told by our facilitation team that him being in the hospital should not hold up the adoption process. The paperwork is being turned in and hopefully soon we will have court.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. We hope to report soon that we have met and told Vitaly of his new family. 
Until then....
"Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding..." Proverbs 3:5
 Thanks Lee for making that for us. It's a very good reminder. :)


  1. praying you get that pass tomorrow and get to visit and tell him the big news :)hugs!!

  2. Hey there lady...Im so happy for you guys and sad that you cant hold you little guy yet. If you could e-mail me I have a huge favor to ask of you. Sorry I dont want to put it in your comment blog. I miss you. Isnt that funny. I dont hardly see you here but somehow it was a comfort to know we were in country together. Love you lady.....Trina