Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alina - "Can we move on now?"

Mary says,

We had good visits with Alina today. She seems to be ready to blow this popsicle stand and go home. How can we tell this since she doesn't speak (yet), by her behavior. She is very clingy anymore and doesn't want to walk often, but wants to be carried and not let go of us (especially Daddy). During the first week of visits, she walked, climbed, swung, rode the rocking horse, and more. The second week she wanted to do less of those activities. The third week we were gone for several days at the Capital, so she was clingy when we returned. That was ok as it showed that she missed us.

The way we figured it, the first week she was excited to be able to do things that she is not normally allowed to do. We have noticed that most of the time when she is outside with her group, she is sitting down. Just sitting. A lot of the time with a nanny, still just sitting. She is not encouraged to do things or to play, but to sit. Now there are certain nannies that don't make her just sit (we like them).
Even then, she usually does what she's been trained to do. Sit.
A good nanny, she plays with the kids and is always kind to them. Thank you!
So she did her exploring, now she's ready to go home with Mama and Papa and meet all these wonderful siblings that she's been hearing about.  Soon Princess, soon.  Till then, we're gonna make you walk a little, and play a little, and climb a little. :) Cause we love you.

she loves being in motion?
Did we mention that

Couple girls going for a walk.
Alina not happy because Papa wouldn't let her sit just right. :)

She's very strong, here she's holding on all by herself!

Tom, really, the slide is for the kids.
Give me smooches!!!

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  1. so so sweet!! love the kiss picture!!
    praying you have court soon!!!