Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keep'em running.....

Our visits went well today. Alina went down the slide, rode the teeter totter, swung on the swing and was generally cuddly! 
Tolly was happy to see us (good thing) and loved the toy truck we brought for him. He also sat in my lap and cuddled with me (Mama). Loved it!
That was after he took the backpack for a few laps around the ward again. And he went potty twice for us! Score! Okay, no more potty talk. :)

Look at that split! (And Dad doing the Egyptian thing)

Girls from the group and a good nanny! (The sweetie in red would LOVE a family and soon) 

Metal play structure, everytime the swing moves, it rattles the whole thing. Tom is holding the roof still to stop the rattling. Oh, for some WD40!!
Tolly with the toy truck (the blur in the corner). :)                                    

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