Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 4th: A Humbling Visit of a Different Sort

Tom & Mary Say:

Hey All, today we got the opportunity to visit an orphanage for older, special needs girls.  It's about 15 minutes outside the city and about an hour from our apt.  It's all women here and they are from 5 to 35 years old.  Our Interpreter and her husband work and volunteer for many organizations including Operation Christmas Child (the shoebox people,) this orphanage is a special ministry of theirs and they have a good relationship with the administration.  Approximately every two weeks they are allowed to make a visit; they do a puppet or storyboard lesson, sing a couple of songs, play some games, and give the ladies a treat.  We were honored and awed by their invitation and the whole experience.  They are truly awesome people who have the love of God in their hearts.
This is our Translator and her husband...we are better people for knowing them
This is the special needs orphanage outside of town...

The girls range in age from 5 - 35 yrs old, these are only a portion of all the girls living here.

They were all very sweet and excited about the visit.

Here are two of the younger girls in today's group

"A" is telling them about Noah and the Ark.

Here "A" is telling about the lightning from the rainstorm. She had the girls clap their hands and rub them together to make the thunder and rain sounds.

Singing "He's Got the whole world...

in His hands." Motions are the same in any language.

A couple of the girls put puzzles together.

Some of the girls working on their Noah's Ark coloring page.

Now to show off some great art work and beautiful smiles:

Passing out treats (twinkies shaped like a teddy bear) and

fresh bananas

Some of the girls in front of the donation of sanitary napkins that "A" and her husband brought.
 Later we visited our Alina and thanked God for bringing us to her!

We are humbled that we should get such a blessing and happy that her life did not go down the other road. We're not perfect parents, but we will love her until our last breaths and we will point her to Jesus her Savior.

Alina's first piggyback ride, it didn't last long. She kinda panicked and thought we must be crazy!

I love you.

Alina likes to get her hair brushed. Good. :)

We took a little side trip to the sea,

When we get home,
we'll tell you which sea.

Enjoying a nice dinner consisting of cooked sausages stuffed in garlic bread (with coffee cake for dessert) by the sea.
Look at all these shells, Sophie. They are very pretty. :)


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