Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Day in the Life...

June 20   

Ethan Says:

    A typical day at our aunt and uncle's house. The Girls get up around 7:30 am. The guys get up around 8:30 am. Whoever wants breakfast gets it them selves ( Phoebe and Leanore help the little’s get breakfast ). About 9:00 am everyone starts school work. 11:30 am, either Russell or I, would start lunch. Almost everyday Uncle Jim comes homes from work to have lunch with everyone. By 1:00 pm all the girls are usually done with there home work. Sometimes Phoebe and Leanore don’t get done till’ 2 or 3 because they were helping the Little’s with their school work. When they are done with their work the girls watch movies, play games, play with the dogs, ect…  John, Russell and I play Xbox, run, play computer, watch movies, ect… Aunt Mary and I take turns cooking dinner. LOL! The one time John helped make spaghetti he left the burner on to long and burnt half the noodles to the pot!

Good thing he's so tall, plenty o' room for more siblings!

    We do get out of the house. Two weekends ago John and I went on canoeing trip with his scout troop Saturday and Sunday for a total of fourteen miles. It was my first time sleeping under the stars on a campout. It was amazing! That Saturday our Aunt took the girls to a big water park. They had a blast.

This week the middles ( Leanore, Sophie and Holly ) are going to VBS everyday.  They all didn’t think it was going to be fun because they don’t know anybody there and they might not be able to make any friends. The girls were wrong! When they came home Monday they just could not stop talking about how fun it was. Especially Holly. Ugh! She never seems to run out of words. Since the church is only two blocks away, I walk the girls there; so as we’re walking back they can say everything they learned (very loudly) and not interrupt Aunt Mary grooming her customers dogs. (so the dogs don’t freak out while she's working on them.)

Sunday night Russell, John and I went to an all night party of Black Ops on Xbox. (there were no girls there for those who were wondering. [mom and dad!]) 

    Right now I’m helping put up Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic in my Aunt’s dog grooming building. My Uncle says that we will get done today with the F.R.P and be able to start working on the ceiling. His hope is before my parents get back to be done with the ceiling and floor.

June 21

    We’re done with the gluing and ¼ done with the ceiling. For payment, John, Russel and I got Sonic!!!!! The big white tank also died today. Russel and I tried jumping it with the car, then the minivan. They both failed to charge the tank. Then we used a charger that they use to jump their riding lawn mower and it worked.

The hard-working Boys in question!
See no school work, talk no schoolwork, who's doing schoolwork?

Endnote: Mom and Dad are very appreciative of Ethan's helping Aunt Mary with the girls and the construction.  Thanks Big Guy!


  1. Oh my word!!! Ethan looks like a man. (Ehtan if your reading this, yes you still have to listen to mom and dad even though you "look" grown) All joking aside, he is very handsome. You guys have a great crew.

  2. Hi Everyone!
    We miss you all! I can tell you are doing well, trusting God, loving Him, loving family and all that stuff. Stand therefore...He who has called you is faithful. We love you! When it is available,check out the sermon from today's message - some really good stuff.
    Donna L