Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 2nd: Old/New Friends

Tom Says: Hi Everybody.  Before we get started let me apologize for lack of blogging, it's not that we didn't want too, but we were very busy the last few days (more on that in a few posts).  We were going to play catch up yesterday, but then the power & internet went out for a few hours and didn't come back on until it was past our bedtimes.  So without further adieu... we introduce:

 This is Max and Lena (sp), they are old friends of Alina's from her Groupa...
This is Ray & Alex, they are our new friends...They are Max & Lena's new Parents

They're very nice and we can see that they'll be great parents to Max & Lena.  It's also nice that they speak English, and we can ride the bus/taxi together as they live just a couple of blocks away.

Mary saying good morning as she picks up our Alina.
Mama sharing some Praise and Worship with her girl...

What's this girl doing...?

She's Kicking it..
To the Beat...

Dad giving some hugs after a ride on the slide

And just hanging out with my girl...
Meet some more new friends...
After our visit we went to a bible study.  It was really cool, we met in the back of a store and shared coffee and cookies first.  It was a special night as the two ladies (left & right of center) were in the process of studying/deciding on Baptism.  They were speaking & reading from the Bible in their language and it was really amazing.  I tell you I could feel their passion for the Lord and the sincerity of their words as they spoke.  They would read a little, then discuss what they read, we followed along as best we could and when they asked our take, we gave answers as the Lord led us.  Best of all the ladies have confirmed their desire to be Baptized and this will happen Sunday.  The Gentlemen in the center is a local pastor and the woman on the left is the wife of an American pastor here in town.  We feel very blessed that they allowed us to share in this wonderful meeting. 

"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20

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